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Chandelier Heaters for Churches and Cathedrals


These magnificent  chandeliers contain lighting and infra-red radiant heating.  They are individually manufactured to sympathetically meet the requirements of individual houses of worship

The radiant electric elements of the chandelier warm people directly without the need to heat the air up in between.

  • Efficient and cheap to run

  • No fumes or smell 

  • Instant heat-up 

  • Available in a range of power ratings

Individually Tailored Designs

Each Chandelier is manufactured to specific requirements and can contain the main lighting as well as acoustics if required.

The Use of Philips or Toshiba heating elements, together with high performance reflectors, significantly improves beam efficiency, accuracy and stability.

The chandeliers create splendid centre pieces whilst maintaining low visual impact of the heating product.  The overall concept is aesthetically acceptable in buildings where appearance is an important factor.   



  • Lower installation costs and lower running costs

  • Immediate effect (up to temperature in 1 second )

  • Short pre-heat required (30-45 minutes )

  • Dry heat – does not heat the air or cause condensation

  • Completely silent in operation

  • Virtually no maintenance

  • Average lamp life of 5000 hours

  • New “gold” lamps give low-glare and no colour on floor

Many Designs and Power Ratings Available

The heaters are available in a variety of ratings from 3kW to 12kW depending on the size and design of chandelier

Also available is a wall mounted 'half' chandelier which can match the design of corresponding hanging chandeliers

These spectacular chandeliers will give you a warm, comfortable church and can help to reduce your heating costs by 50%.



The 'Pentagono' Heater for Churches, Places of Worship, Halls and Large Reception Areas

  Pentagono Chandelier

The 'Pentagono' heater represents an effective but relatively low cost heating solution for churches and religious buildings.  Its modern appearance and stylish design fits perfectly into most church environments whilst the impressive 7.5kW to 10kW output can easily heat the congregation in an instant.

The 'Pentagono' Chandelier consists of a central section with 5 radial arms each housing a short-wave infra-red heater able to heat the congregation directly with having to heat the air up in between.

Technical Data

Voltage (V) - 230V
Net weight: 12 kg
Structure dimensions: 1000mm diameter
Total Power (kW) - 7.5kW or 10kW depending on version
Ingress Protection - IPX5
Warranty - 2 years

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