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The Infra-red Heating Specialists

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Heat Infra-red Consultancy Service

Heat Infra-red Ltd offers a professional consultancy service to anyone who needs advice or technical help.

We already act as consultants for a number of large, medium and small businesses in the UK and provide a broad range of technical services.

Our consultancy service has helped a number of businesses throughout the years whilst our manufacturing service has installed energy efficient infra-red process heaters ranging 1kW to 750kW heaters!  For more information please call 0115 937 2727.


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Selco and Pearlco Type Electric Heating Elements

Leisure Heating can offer equivalent versions of most 'Pearlco' type ceramic infra-red emitters including most wattages in the full-sized and half-sized curved ceramic emitter range.  These elements are traditionally used in many applications ranging from thermo-forming machines to Chip Shop range heaters.  Please visit visit or call our office for more details

In 2007 Leisure Heating Ltd acquired the assets of Selco Heating Elements from Harrison Distribution.  The “Selco” silica infra red and ceramic element products including domestic, catering and industrial spares are now supplied by Leisure Heating Ltd  

Elements and catering products continue to be manufactured in the United Kingdom and all sales and enquiries are now dealt with via the Leisure Heating office.

Leisure Heating Ltd has a wealth of expertise in the infra-red element manufacturing arena as well as offering traditional domestic and commercial heating expertise and consultancy in industrial infra-red process heating and control.  The acquisition of Selco is a natural progression of our business.  We specialise in infra-red heating equipment for the industrial, commercial and domestic markets and have expanded our existing manufacture of infra-red heating elements to include all the Selco range.  We continue to offer the level of service that customers have come to expect from Selco.



Ian Lewin

For many years, Ian Lewin served as part of the Technical Sales and Development team at East Midlands Electricity and PowerGen's 'Technology Demonstration Centre' in Nottingham.   In 2004 he moved on to further develop his particular field of expertise in electric infra-red heating technology. Ian is now an established member of the Leisure Heating and Heat Infra-red advisory team.


He can be contacted on 01159 37 27 27 or email




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