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Heating for Pets and Animals


Heating for dogs and cats

Efficient Infra-red Heating for Dogs, Cats, Reptiles and Other Animals

If keeping your pets warm is important to you then here is the solution

Our range of radiant infra-red heaters for pets are designed to keep cats dogs and other animals warm even when outside in dog kennels and sheds.

The radiant heat emitted from the heating elements have the ability to heat the pets directly without having to heat the air.

This makes them an ideal choice for an efficient heat source for keeping your animals warm.

We supply to major kennels and catteries as well as animal rescue centres and domestic homes.

Product Range

Short-wave Heat and Light Unit

This infra-red heater also acts as a low light,  The twin tube heating elements emit a warm radiant glow together with a low white light.

The heater comes complete with integral switch allowing half power to be selected when required

Ideal for

  • Dogs

  • Reptiles

  • Cats

  • Use in Zoos

Pet Heater

Universal Infra-red Pet Heater

This versatile pet heater comes with a 250W dull emitter as standard and is designed to hang from a chain over an animal's bedding.

The heating element will heat the animal directly without having to heat the air first

The robust fitting has two heat settings - full power and half power.  Featuring an Edison screw lamp holder, the heater can also accommodate a number of other different types infrared emitter including short-wave blown bulbs, PAR 38 lamps and normal screw fit GSL bulbs

Ideal for :

  • Cats and dogs
  • Reptiles
  • Zoos
  • Garden centres selling animals

Long-wave 'Dull Emitter' Infra-red Pet Heater

This low wattage infra-red heater is designed to hang above the pets bedding and provide local radiant heat

The dull emitter does not emit light.  It emits 250W of long-wave energy making it ideal for night-time heat or top-up heat for animals.

The energy efficient heater comes complete with chain and three feet of cable

Ideal for :

  • Cats
  • Small Dogs
  • Tortoises
  • Reptiles
  • Other small animals

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